“Truth, Lies and Power”

With the 2020 pandemic delaying our latest production, 2022 is realistically only just round the corner: Welcome our latest production director, Strasz.

Meet Tom Straszewski. Tom graduated with a MA in Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York in 2013. He is an experienced director of Shakespeare and medieval drama as well as a script reader for Champion Scripts. Tom was also the Artistic Director for the 2018 York Mystery Plays.

“I am an advocate of community theatre as a way to tell the stories that are important to us, and to build friendships, skills and memories that endure long after the final bow. My vision for the next cycle of the Lincoln Mystery Plays is grounded in this, finding ways to draw on the ensemble and the wider creative energy of Lincoln, and to honour the medieval predecessors who found this same inspiration in the Mystery Plays.”

So let’s find out a bit more about Tom…

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a freelance director specialising in community theatre and the Mystery Plays in particular. Outside of that I run Bronzehead Theatre which specialises in classic texts in unusual venues- such as Henry IV in a pub, or The Alchemist in an abandoned attic. I originally trained as a buildings archaeologist before stumbling into theatre- I still leap at the chance to work in and around historic buildings like Lincoln Cathedral.
Got a nickname? Strasz
Any hobbies?  I’m a poor gardener but I do enjoy it.
Favourite food? I am partial to a good cheeseboard (and have been eyeing up the various Lincoln cheese shops already).
What is your proudest achievement? Definitely directing the York Mystery Plays in 2018. Here’s hoping Lincoln tops that!
What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Captain Marvel.
Tea or coffee? You’ll rarely see me without a strong black coffee in hand.
What is your favourite family holiday destination? Mullion in Cornwalland nearby Kynance Cove- a smuggler’s paradise.
In a sentence, whats your plan for this production of Lincoln Mystery Plays? A summer’s celebration of storytelling under the shade of a broad oak tree…
If you want to get involved in the next cycle of the Lincoln Mystery Plays or have any questions for Strasz, drop us a line here and we’ll be in touch!