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the production team need to get to you.


16 October

Not actually sure if anyone is using this page anymore….. maybe it’s no longer useful? Ah well…..

If anyone is reading this please get your family & friends to buy their tickets ASAP. Sales are very low at the moment!! Thanks : )


3 October


Hi everyone,

This coming Sunday 7th (4-6pm at the Blue Room) I had scheduled in as a sort of drop in session with Steve to go over any scenes and run lines as I am not available. After chatting with the costume team, it would really help us out a lot if anybody who is still available for that day come in whether they have lines to run or not so that we can get costumes fitted and see what else needs doing in that department!

I also think this is probably a good idea anyway because then people can grab whoever they know they have scenes with and go over any blocking they might have missed or aren’t too sure on with Steve. Just a reminder that I’d like to try and be off book for act 1 by Sunday 14th as well, so this is a good time to grab people for running lines…

If you know you definitely cannot make this Sunday please do let me know, if you have told me already that you can’t make it then don’t worry as I know who you are!

Thanks 🙂

26 September


This Sunday coming (30th at the Blue Room 1-3pm) I had originally called everyone for scene 15 but have now changed that so I would only like the people who actually have lines in that scene.

Due to availability of cast members and myself, I am rescheduling the Sunday 7th full Act 1 read through to Sunday 14th. Instead, this will be a free session for people to come in and learn lines or re-cap any scenes they would like to go over. I believe Steve will be free on that day to help out, but please check this with him and it is up to you to organise with other cast members if you would like to go over certain scenes!

From October 14th it would be brilliant if the majority of the cast were off book. I understand it’s difficult having to spend a limited amount of time on each scene, but the rehearsals can start to be a little more productive with scripts down 🙂

Thanks, Sam

23 September 2018

Looking forward to seeing everyone this afternoon at 4pm at the Blue Room – couple of announcements to make before the rehearsal gets underway… see you then : )


15 September 2018

Version 5 of the script (the final version) will be on its way very soon. Apologies for the delay and the changes but hey, that’s new theatre for you!

Sam will also be reissuing the Rehearsal Schedule shortly to take account of cast changes and some venue tweaks. From October additional Wednesday evening rehearsals will be added for some that will take place in the upstairs room at the Vic (the pub opposite The Lawn).

Rehearsals going well though … hope everyone is enjoying themselves : )


9 September 2018

Apologies – slight problem with that script apparently! Suggest you don’t print it as v5 will be coming – sorry! (If you have don’t worry as the changes are relatively minor and can be amended by hand)


9 September 2018

We have just emailed round the latest version of the script (v4.5) – please note this (kind of obviously) supersedes all previous versions! Hope those who are rehearsing today have fun : )


4 September 2018

Rehearsal Schedule (Sept-Nov) now available as a pdf download- click here


31 August 2018

Huge thanks to everyone who came along last night. A great atmosphere and wonderful to hear some of the play coming to life… it’s going to be good! Sam will be in touch with a full rehearsal schedule very soon and also with news of the final slightly reduced script.


23 August 2018

Hi everyone – Really looking forward to seeing you all one week from today, Thursday 30 August at 7pm at the Blue Room. The evening will consist of a 30 minute meeting about rehearsals, costume and other admin bits & pieces, followed by a read-through of as much of the play as possible. We know that a few people are away so obviously can’t be there, but if you possibly can, please do your best to be there! Many thanks : )


12 August 2018

Quick reminder that the Wardrobe Team need your measurements ASAP (see info below).

Only 11 people have sent them through so far!


27 July 2018

Hi all – below is the email I have just sent out to the whole cast requesting everyone’s measurements, explaining about footwear requirements and also sending out the script for people to read prior to 30 Aug. If you haven’t had the email – and therefore the script – let me know : )


Hi Lincoln Ladies (and Gents)!

Please find attached Steve’s script for ‘The World at her Feet’.
As we explained on Tuesday there are bound to be some amendments still to come and others that become evident during the rehearsal process, so don’t get too attached to all your lines just yet! But it would be great if everyone could read it through, ideally a couple of times, before we all meet again on Thursday 30th August at 7pm in the Blue Room.

Also our fabulous wardrobe ladies have asked me to ask everyone to start thinking about (and helping out with) the huge & complex task of sorting out all the costumes.

Could everyone please send me your measurements, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, so that work can begin (please could those who have a child in the show send yours & their measurements too):

Ladies & Girls
Waist to floor
Dress size

Gents & Boys
Inside leg

Also the wardrobe team need to ask everyone to provide their own footwear, tights and socks.
Men and boys to have lace up boots (no Velcro please) with dark socks. Ladies and girls brown or black lace up flat shoes, with dark ankle socks for the girls and thick tights for ladies.
These do not have to be new ones, charity shops are a good place to find things like this. Thank You.

As well as sending over measurements ASAP, please can we ask everyone to bring the above items with them to the get-together on 30 August so that the Wardrobe Ladies can check they are all OK.

Many thanks everyone : )
Simon & the Production Team

25 July 2018

Huge thanks to everyone who was able to come down to the Drill Hall last night. Was great to so many people there and big thanks to L.I.S.A. and BGU as well as the Drill Hall of course for the generous offer of support & help. We’ll be sending out the script to everyone on email by the end of this week and we’ll also be asking for people to send their measurements too in due course, so keep checking your emails (and your Trash!) and this page and also the Facebook closed group over the summer. The next event is a whole company gathering (& poss read-through if enough people can make it) on Tuesday 30 August at 7pm at the Blue Room. See you then if not before : )


16 July 2018

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that the Production Team have met this evening and we have decided to cancel the read-through on Sunday. So many people seemed unable to make it that we realised it just wouldn’t work! Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone. Thursday’s rehearsal is still going ahead for those who are needed and then as many of us as possible will get together on Tuesday 24 July from 6 – 8 at the Drill Hall. The bar will be open and we will be providing some food & nibbles too and there’ll be some guests joining us from 7pm to give us their support too.

Thanks everyone – see you all on Tuesday 24th from 6pm at the Drill Hall : )

14 July 2018

Just to say that the cast list below has been amended slightly (mainly just by the addition of some names for the Chorus). To those few people who are needed on 15 & 19 July please note these rehearsals are now a bit shorter (times updated below), due to actor availability! The read-through on Sunday 22 July is 2pm – 4pm at Grafton House. If you can make this please do – many people can’t and that’s absolutely fine but it would be great to get as many as poss there, just to get a real sense of the play (Steve is just finishing his 3rd – and hopefully final – draft at the moment and we should be able to send round a script to everyone in the next week or so).

Reminder that the final pre-summer holiday gathering is on Tuesday 24 July from 6pm – 8pm at Lincoln Drill Hall. There will be refreshments and even some guests! Again we understand that not everyone can be there but if you possibly can attend, please do!



9 July 2018

Hi everyone, So below is the draft cast list for The World at her Feet. Everyone should have heard from either Sam, Steve or myself directly by now, so hopefully there are no surprises here… but if there are or you’re just not exactly sure what your part is (or you think it’s actually wrong), please just get in touch with one of us ASAP. Cast list is in alphabetical order by first name.

Below the cast list is information about the rehearsals/ get-togethers between now and the end of July. Please check if you are needed and put the dates in your diaries (and let us know if you can’t make any).

Carolyn Jones CHORUS
Catherine Kirk LAURA / CHORUS
Charlotte Brindley GERTIE
Christopher Adams FA CHAIR tbc
Chris Matthews LANDLORD
CJ Drinkall DOTTIE
Declan Smith RONNIE tbc
Dom Freestone TONY MOSS
Edith Drinkall CHILD / CHORUS
Ella Headland CHILD / CHORUS
Elliot Sargent WILLIE
Emily Bickerdike SUSAN
Emma Kirkup EDITH
Heather Maskill CHORUS / ANTIWOMEN
Helen Pepper CHORUS
Jordan Shiel HARRY
Juli Charlton LANDLADY
Julia Ross CHORUS
Karen Hunter AGNES MOSS
Kate Headland CHILD / CHORUS
Kev Brown GEORGE
Kieran Scott TOMMY
Linda Wilson CHORUS
Maddie Smith CHORUS
Mary Scott CHORUS (& Quote)
Micah Richmond EDDIE
Michael Church WARMAN
Phil Hukin DONALD
Rosie Hollingworth ROSE
Ruth Andrews CHORUS (& Quote)
Sarah Cliffe IVY
Shelagh Gillingham CHORUS
Sonia Dove CHORUS
Vicky Banks Price NURSE



Thursday 12 July: Grafton House 7pm – 9pm – The 6 main ladies, the very first scene and their friendships with one another.

Sunday 15 July: Blue Room 5pm – 6pm – Florence and Matilda, working on their first scene together (and introducing Emma and Bliss to one another properly).

Thursday 19 July: Grafton House 8pm – 9pm – Florence and Harry, their first scene together and their relationship. Possibly also Sister Jones and Ivy.

Sunday 22 July: Grafton House 2pm – 4pmWe are aiming for a full cast read through but this is looking tricky for many so please keep looking to check!

Tuesday 24 July: Lincoln Drill Hall 6pm – 8pm – EVERYONE. Informal / social gathering in the café bar to talk through the production and look at the auditorium. With refreshments… and special guests!


We will then have a break for at least part of the summer hols and will return with a rehearsal schedule for late summer & the first part of the autumn.

Thanks everyone – see you soon : )




6 July 2018

Apologies for slight delay on announcing cast etc – Full list & info will be up here on Sunday. Anyone needed for this Sunday 8 July has already been told… so in other words if you haven’t already been asked to be there you don’t need to come!

3 July 2018

So Sam & Steve have now completed the casting and will be contacting people in the next few days! There will be no rehearsal this Thursday 5th July, but hopefully on Thursday or Friday we will be able to put up a full list of the cast & all rehearsals up to 24 July, on which date we are all going to meet at the Drill Hall, (as below) between 6ish and 8ish. Thanks everyone… exciting times as we move into the next phase of the production : )


30 June 2018

Hi all, The rehearsal tomorrow, Sunday 1 July is aimed at any children who want to be in the show, plus their parents / families etc too. Please note that at this stage all children should be accompanied and not just dropped off!

Please note this rehearsal is from 2pm – 4pm (not 4pm – 6pm) and is at Grafton House (not the Blue Room!)

Sam & Steve are nearly ready to announce the main cast, so check back here in the next few days for announcements…

A rehearsal / training schedule for July will be posted here very soon but in the meantime here is a date for your diaries:

On Tuesday 24 July from around 6pm to around 8pm, we will be inviting the whole company to come together for a social gathering and informal meeting about the project, prior to the break over the summer.

This will be at the Drill Hall in the café bar (with refreshments on offer) and will be a chance for us all to take stock of what we have achieved already and the plans for the autumn and the run up to staging the production. We will also be able to have a quick look at the auditorium and get a sense of how the show is going to be staged. We understand that not everyone will be available, but if you can possibly come along please do.

Big thanks from the Production Team – see you soon : )



23 June 2018

Quick note to say that tomorrow, Sunday’s rehearsal (24th June, 4pm – 6pm at the Blue Room) is still as before (see below) but is also now open to anyone who hasn’t yet been to any auditions… because my emails have been ending up in their trash! Sorry : /


21 June 2018

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that the rehearsals / auditions this week are as follows:

Thu 21st 7 – 9 at Grafton House – for Men (and also now Women) who are interested in a prominent speaking role

Sun 24th 4 – 6 at The Blue Room – for anyone who is interested in being part of the wider chorus / crowd scenes, including children [those who are hoping for a speaking part are welcome to attend too]


15 June 2018

The first workshop / audition / rehearsal / training session thingy took place on Thurs 14th June and went really well and was well attended.

The next one is Sunday 17th June from 4pm – 6pm at the Blue Room (for details of who it’s aimed at, see info below, though all welcome!). Hope to see you lots of you there!


5 June 2018

A massive thank you for coming along to one (or both!) of the recent open workshops at the Blue Room.

In total more than 50 people came along, which we were absolutely delighted with.

There was some real energy & excitement in the room on both occasions and – as long as you’re all still interested in getting involved – we think now have a large and very talented company ready to make something really special and tell this amazing story.


From now on we are going to be meeting as follows

Thursday evenings 7 – 9 at
Grafton House – 32 Newland LN1 1XG


Sunday afternoons 4 – 6 mostly at
The Blue Room – The Lawn, Union Rd, Lincoln LN1 3BU
but occasionally at Grafton House
but we won’t need everyone at all of them!

Sam’s timetable for the rest of the month is as follows:

  • Thursday 14th June: Grafton – For any women who are interested in a prominent speaking role

  • Sunday 17th June: Blue Room – For anyone who is interested in a smaller speaking role [and anyone keen but unable to attend 14th or 21st]

  • Thursday 21st June: Grafton – For any men who are interested in a prominent speaking role

  • Sunday 24th June: Blue Room – For anyone who is interested in being part of the wider chorus / crowd scenes, including children [those who are hoping for a speaking part are welcome to attend too]

  • Thursday 28th June: Grafton – For main female cast (hopefully agreed by then)

  • Sunday 1st July: Grafton – for any children interested in a speaking role plus the actors playing Florence & Agnes


If you have any queries about any of these (you’re not sure which ones to come to, or you can’t make the relevant ones) just drop Sam a line samanthajanemiles@hotmail.co.uk

Hopefully by the time we get to July we’ll have our cast and crowds all set and we will then be able to start working through the show!


Several of you expressed an interest in specifically helping backstage or on lighting or with costumes and any of those people are all welcome to come along to any of the above sessions, but certainly don’t have to and we will be in touch later on to talk through other roles etc.


See you all soon!

Simon, Sam, Steve, Denise & Kev