Casting Call for the 2022 Production

Lincoln Mystery Plays 2016

Lincoln Mystery Plays 2016

The Lincoln Mystery Plays are once more gathering a cast of amateur actors to tell an epic story of communities torn apart and brought together.

Postponed by the pandemic to the summer of 2022, new cast members are now needed to take on roles including the Devil and the Virgin Mary.

These historical performances, rooted in ancient tradition, will bring Bible stories to life at locations across Lincolnshire, including the new gardens at Lincoln Cathedral, from July 26 to August 6 next year.

Because of the delays a few of the cast and crew lined up for the Mystery Plays in 2020 are no longer available – which opens up new opportunities in a number of roles both on stage and behind the scenes.

To find out more, meet Director Tom Straszewski and the existing cast at 1.30pm, Saturday, November 27 at the new Cathedral Centre in Lincoln. There’ll be informal auditions from 2pm and online auditions can also take place by arrangement.

To take part or find out more, contact Tom Straszewski at

Performances are scheduled for:

July 25 – 30th (Lincoln Cathedral)

August 2nd (Horncastle)

August 3rd (Sleaford)

August 4th (Louth)

August 5th and 6th (Gainsborough)

Tickets will soon be on sale

And if you can’t wait until next summer, the cast will be performing the Shepherd’s Play
at Lincoln Christmas Market this December, and possibly in Sleaford too.


With experience of the York Mystery Plays, Tom has brought fresh interpretation to the historic Lincoln plays. Whilst remaining true to their Medieval origins, they tell the story of the world from its creation through to Doomsday. Along the way we meet a cast of vibrant characters, including gossips, nosey midwives, soldiers, angels and even God.

It is a collaborative approach where actors take on a multitude of characters, backed up by folk music, puppetry and dance, that will bring them to life.

Director Tom Straszewski explains, “What drew me to the plays – and to Lincoln’s plays in particular – is their continued relevance. As we start to move out of the pandemic, we’re telling the story of a community coming together once more. Of course they don’t find it easy; hardly surprising when there are devils, angels, saints and sinners all arguing what the new world should be like. But we’ll do it with good humour and there’s nothing like a play to bring us together.”

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