Lincoln Theatre Royal

9 October 2011

Gala Night 2011

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I have had the great privilege of facilitating the artistic direction for this evening’s performance. My idea has been to present a veritable ‘smorgasbord’ of the wide variety of ways in which the N-Cycle Plays can be interpreted. The production aims to blend mystery plays past, present and future. The performances from St. Mary’s School and FishTank Youth Theatre indicate new possibilities of interpretation, whilst the re-telling of the 2008 cycle by the cast of that production indicates our past. In addition, there has been some amazing collaboration and creativity from ‘Satan’. We all feel very fortunate to be joined by so many familiar faces from previous productions, many of whom will be recognised in David Dray’s film.
I hope this evening gives you a flavour of the possibilities for the future of Lincoln’s Mystery Plays – the dedication and hard work from the entire company is evident and I truly hope that you, the audience, sit back and enjoy the variety of performance styles which are on offer!
Aggi Gunstone, Artistic Director for the Gala Night