Lincoln Mystery Plays 1986

Lincoln Cathedral 5-6 July

Perpignan Cathedral 11 July


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Not technically part of the 4 year cycle, more a one off.

This was a small cast, 2 night ‘launch’ of a newly discovered version of Herod and the Magi, discovered by André de Mondach. Written in 1190 by Hermann de Valenciennes who was possibly a canon at either York or Lincoln Cathedrals.

The show was then taken to Perpignan Cathedral, France for the Colloquium of Medieval Drama



The Creation

Salutation and Conception
The Birth of Jesus
Adoration of the Shepherds
Massacre of the Innocents
The Temptation
The Passion
The Crucifixion

Carol Breed, Alison Cormack
Morag Gardiner, Samantha Groom
Fiona Wolstencroft, Tony Beadle
Colin Brimblecombe, Jack Jones
John Pryor, Keith Ramsay
Julian Rose,  Bob Shirley
Robert Taylor

Deposition and Burial / The Resurrection (sections)


Director of Music
Wardrobe Mistress

John Bannister, Lucy Driver, Clare Frost, Clare Gainey
Julie Garnham, Sue Makin
John Bannister
David Dray
Anne Etherington, Maureen Groome
Margaret Howard
Keith Ramsay