The Eleventh Hour

With a year to go to its opening night, on November 11 2018, The Lincoln Mystery Plays community theatre company is pleased to announce that it will be marking the Centenary of the Armistice with a new work which reflects on significant changes in society which grew out of the peace.
Building on the success in November 2014 of the locally-written, researched and rooted The Last Post which told the experiences of Lincoln’s unique Beechey family and their extraordinary sacrifice in World War One, the LMP Trust has commissioned Robert Steadman to move the story on beyond the Armistice.
With the working title of The Eleventh Hour, through the power of multi-media, film, music, poetry and performance, the play looks beyond the signing at the eleventh hour, studying society’s changes over the intervening years until the peace is broken and war resumes.
Performances will be staged in Lincoln Drill Hall between November 11 and 17, with special schools performances and educational packages proposed.
For further details and to get involved – at every level from acting through to set building, sponsoring and front of house – contact us by clicking this link